I want to help you find a new signature scent!

I feel like something that I keep hearing is that people are constantly on the look out for a signature scent. I must admit that I was walking through Ulta the other day and I was a little bored with well, everything. I mean at this point we have seen it all. If I see another celeb fragrance I might just gag. The only scent that I stopped and payed any attention to was CK One from Calvin Klein because it reminded me of a time that was begging to  be remembered. Um the time of Kate Moss and Reality Bites. Dah. I guess my point is that if the only scent in a whole slew of scents that made me smile is like from a gazillion years ago.


I am bored. There is a problem here.

All of that being said, I want to help you find your signature scent. The first question I ask people is, "What kind of scents do you like?" Based on their answer I go from there and start to pick a scent that might be best for them. If you can pick out a few key things that you really like the smell of and then try to make sure that is in the product that you choose you will be golden.
I want to take you outside of your box to try something new!
For a beautiful everyday scent I am going to recommend Lollia Relax parfum with Lavender, White Orchid, Tahitian Vanilla, Bee Blossom Honey and Indian Amber blended together to perfection. This scent is calm and perfect for a woman that does not want to punch you in the face with her scent. Relax is perfect for the office or for all of those weddings that I know you will be attending this year. (Tip: This would also make a great gift for a bride to be!) www.lollialife.com
If you are a girl on the runI am going to recommend Love + Toast Roller Perfume in Honey Nectar. Yum! Smell good on the go. I am newly obsessed with the Love and Toast line and I am going to make a very strong suggestion that you check out their stuff. At least pick up one thing, you will not be bummed trust me! www.loveandtoast.com
I am a huge fan of mini roll on scents because I feel like you can have a bunch of them and get to change your scent frequently rather than having to wait until a huge bottle of fragrance is finished. The price is on point and these minis are great for travel, gym bag or purse.
Last but not least on my tour of your new signature scents I am going to introduce you to the darker side of sexy. I feel as if not every woman is supposed to smell so light, some body chemistry's can carry a more intense deep scent. For anyone that likes something along these lines I urge you to check out Tokyo Milk in 06 Dead Sexy. This fragrance contains  Deep Vanilla, Exotic Wood, White Orchid, and Ebony. Mmmmmmmm! I feel like the price is great on this scent and the bottle just looks amazing! Check out www.tokyo-milk.com/ for more info.
All of the sites that I gave you have a lot of fragrances and I gave you some of my personal faves. Take your own journey and find your own signature scent based on what you like! Read up, each of the scents on these sites gives a detailed list of what is in them. You can pick and choose what you might like based on your personal taste. Do not be afraid to try something new. Just remember it is not a tattoo so if you hate it, it will wash off.



If you have any questions about this product you can ask via comment on this post or check out www.tokyo-milk.com/www.loveandtoast.com and www.lollialife.com


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