How to choose the best size of highlights for hair.

So yesterday I was talking to a stylist from a local barbershop and we were discussing the difference between doing hair for men and doing hair for women. When we got to talking about women she said, "Well women know food." I was like, "Uhhhhh what does that have to do with hair?" She said when she is doing a consultation (side note: I think that the consultation is one of the most important parts of just about any beauty service) for highlights she asks how big the client would like the highlights.Then she asks the client to think about the highlight in terms of pasta! A thin highlight would end up being the size of Angel hair pasta. A medium highlight would be like Spaghetti or a peek a boo panel would end up looking a little more like the size of the pasta in Lasagna. Zing! My eyes lit up! I was so happy to find one more way to get out of a person what they might want from me during a service.



I guess my point in telling you this is to remind you that when you sit down for a service weather it be eyebrows or highlights make sure that you explain to the best of your ability what it is that you want. For instance when I am giving someone a Smokey Eye I ask, " On a scale of one to ten how smoky would you like your eyes to look if a ten smokey is jet black and a one is a subtle smudge?" I also ask similar questions when it comes to doing eyebrows. This gives the person performing the service the most information possible to give you exactally what you want.















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