Fekkai Marine Summer Hair Collection might be the answer to your hair prayers.

Let's be honest, this weather is hot like a kitchen. People with wavy or curly hair know that this weather is like a cute hair death wish. The truth is that it is hard to fight nature. I always say just kind of go with it and do not fight it.

The good news for you is that Fekkai comes out with the perfect solution to your summer hair woes. Fekkai makes a limited edition hair care line once a year (yes, they actually do take it away. Grab it now) that kicks humidity in the rear. Marine Summer Hair Collection is, for a lack of better terms.... unreal. This line has it all for you and it smells so delish that you will want to eat it! The shampoo pulls all of the crap that we collect in our hair over the summer and the other products help you style and protect from swimming and sun damage. My fave is the Beach Waves spray. Scrunch this in your hair and you will be perfect and ready to go. This product will activate your curl or wave and make it manageable. The only tip that I have is be careful not to use to much otherwise you will get a filmy residue. That kind of goes for just about any product though. For more info peep the Fekkai site http://www.fekkai.com/collection/marine-hair/ 


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