Do not forget about the neck, chest and hands! SPF is key.



So here is your little reminder that you should never forget about your neck, chest and the top of hands. The truth is that we are all so obsessed with keeping out faces looking young with SPF and anti wrinkle treatments that we forget about the rest of our bodies! Who wants a tight face and loose neck? Ew! From now on you can pretty much count on treating your neck, chest and top of hands just like the face.People typically use face lotion and face makeup with SPF in their products. They slather and layer it on the face and forget about the neck and chest leaving it with a bit of regular lotion on. I have news for you, the sun does not care what part of your body it ages for you. When getting ready for the day and or night, feel free to exfoliate those three parts like they are your face. Use all of your SPF and wrinkle creams in those spots as well. You will thank me later. If you are worried about the cost of the extra product you can try to use less expensive products on those areas as long as you get SPF and moisture you will be golden.

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