Dermalogica, Karma and Milwaukee? Hum.


I just got back from a mini vacation to the ever glamours fashion mecca of the world Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At risk of telling you my life story I am gonna cut this saga short and give you the info that you need to know as to why I chose Milwaukee. I had friends visiting on The Vans Warped Tour (the longest running punk tour/ summer festival of all time) and to be honest I wanted to leave the city for a hot minute and get away. The goal was to have my bestfriend and I get to Milwaukee a day early, stay in a really nice hotel, visit a spa and relax before the fest and we did just that!

While in Milwaukee all I did was kind of crave being in a big city again until we got to the spa. While there we visited Karma A Relaxation Spa for intense and much needed facials. The look and feel of the spa was very nice and extremely relaxing. The spa offers a little bit of everything but due to a limited time frame and the fact that I am not really in need of many services (dah) I opted for the hour facial. Let me tell you, this facial was a little slice of heaven! I fell a sleep a million times and was relaxed beyond belief. Amy A. took care of my entire service and she had just returned the day prior from International Dermal Institute in Chicago. Amy did such an amazing job that I literally left saying that I would go all of the way to Milwaukee again for another service from her. The entire time she used the Dermalogica product line on my face and it worked wonders!  I am now a huge fan of the line!

I guess the long and short of it is that even though Milwaukee is not that far it seems like a world away. No matter where you are you can probably pick up a great facial or mani pedi and if your life lands you in Milwaukee, visit Karma Spa!

As for all of you in the area that are going for the gold metal of facial care I have heard nothing but great things about the Dermal Institute here in Chicago. There classes are cutting edge and extremely informative. I would say if you love learning about skin and the products that help to take care of them give the Dermal Institute a shot!


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  • Awesome post! When in Milwaukee, I will have to check it out!

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