Sassoon Academy gets two thumbs up for an amazing and affordable haircut!


Would you like an amazing haircut on the cheap? Um yes please! Well the legendary Vidal Sassoon has opened a Sassoon Academy right here in Chicago! The truth is that Sasson cuts are done with such precision that even a student would be able to knock it out of the ball park. Sassoon haircuts = the Cadillac of haircuts. The only drawback with going to get your haircut at the Sasson Academy is that you might be there for a long period of time. Kind of totally worth it because they will be making sure that your haircut is PERFECT. Yup I just used the P word. It seems like they even do special offers where they do hair for free so give them a call and see what kind of models they are looking for. P.S. Be nice to your student stylist! Trust them and they will take care of you. Going to the Sassoon Academy for them probably means that they care more about your hair than you do. They will not mess it up!

Sassoon Academy
181 North Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60601-6232
(312) 726-2279

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