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Bare Minerals I.D. Clear Radiance made me a believer in minerals!

I kind of hate selling myself out, but I need to spit some truth right now.  I am a powder girl. What does that mean? I would choose powder over cream annnnything except for foundation and concealer typically. That being said I usually have a heavy hand while I am putting on my own face and need... Read more »

This weather sucks! Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray can help!

Dude, this weather sucks. We are totally getting the worst of all worlds when it is not beastly humid it is raining cats and dogs. Ew! I have an answer or two to help you keep your makeup from doing the slip and slide off of your face. Urban Decay  All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting... Read more »

Girl, you need to handle that stache.

Girl, you need to handle that stache.
  Here we go, you guys asked the though questions so I am gonna give you the tough answers. Yes, you need to be waxing or threading your upper lip! Even if the hair is blonde toss that bleaching cream and handle biz ladies! Choose waxing if you can take it because it is like... Read more »

New collections from Tarina Tarantino at Sephora make my heart burn!

  So as well all know I am like a little beauty detective lurking the corners of any place that sells nail color or makeup. I am not picky, I can go from saks fifth avenue to the 99 Cent store. Whatever is clever really. All of that being said I do have my faves, Sephora... Read more »

Sassoon Academy gets two thumbs up for an amazing and affordable haircut!

Sassoon Academy gets two thumbs up for an amazing and affordable haircut!
  Would you like an amazing haircut on the cheap? Um yes please! Well the legendary Vidal Sassoon has opened a Sassoon Academy right here in Chicago! The truth is that Sasson cuts are done with such precision that even a student would be able to knock it out of the ball park. Sassoon haircuts... Read more »

Tokyo Milk by Margot Elena is your new obsession. Trust me.

    I don’t know about you, but what my best friend says, goes.  That being said when she told me to check out a line called Tokyo Milk by Margot Elena, I jumped on it! If you get obsessed easily with beautiful and amazing things to not read on because I am about to rock... Read more »

MAC Care Blends Essential Oil. This aint yo mama's oil.

  Ok guys, so the deal is that sometimes oil can be good for the face. Gasp! I know I know when you think of oil you think of the gross kind that collects on your nose and ruins your life mid day but seriously, some oil for the face IS ok. It is kind of on trend right... Read more »

"No Foundation Foundation" by Perricone MD. Love the name love the product!

So for starters Sephora does this lovely rewards program with a card where if ya spend money with them and let them swipe your card you save up points. Then you can use your points to redeem a sweet gift of your choice. I have been able to try a plethora of new beauty products due to this... Read more »

I will trade you concert tickets for beauty tips! The Bamboozle Roadshow comes to Chicago!

    Hey guys wanna win tickets to one of the hottest tours this summer? This Saturday the 12th at Soldier Field The Bamboozle Roadshow is bringing you All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, LMFAO, Third Eye Blind, Forever The Sickest Kids, Good Charlotte, Hellogoodbye, Cady Groves, Great Big Planes, Mercy Mercedes, Stereo Skyline, The Ready... Read more »

Rudy's Roundup is delish! Cheesecake Handmade Beauty is devine!

Rudy’s Roundup right here in Chicago is one of my favorite places to go and poke around. This place is hard to explain but reminds me of everything that I like in life. Peep the picture on the Rudy’s Roundup site and you will see what I am talking about. The reason that I decided to... Read more »