New collections from Tarina Tarantino at Sephora make my heart burn!



So as well all know I am like a little beauty detective lurking the corners of any place that sells nail color or makeup. I am not picky, I can go from saks fifth avenue to the 99 Cent store. Whatever is clever really. All of that being said I do have my faves, Sephora happens to be one of them. Upon my ritual "trolling" around Sephora a few days ago I happened to see all of the new TARINA TARANTINO colors and yummy beauty gadgets.Tarina Tarantino has added collections to her line including
Bibarucci Fashion Collection, Candy Cameo Fashion Collection, Electric Butterfly Fashion Collection, Tokyo Hardcore Fashion Collection and Victorian Punk Fashion Collection. I am not even going to try to act like I can pick a fave because all of the collections are freakin unreal. Totally worth it! I lalalalalahlahhhhhvvve the lip gloss rings and the bold eyeshadow colors. High five Tarina! 

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