MAC Care Blends Essential Oil. This aint yo mama's oil.



Ok guys, so the deal is that sometimes oil can be good for the face. Gasp! I know I know when you think of oil you think of the gross kind that collects on your nose and ruins your life mid day but seriously, some oil for the face IS ok. It is kind of on trend right now to use oil face cleansers, oil eye makeup removers and hair oil. I would like to introduce you to my new fave oil. With no further adieu meet MAC Care Blends Essential Oil. This amazing little bottle has a plethora of uses including mixing a few drops into your foundation or moisturiser or you can use a few drops on its own. The care blends come in two scents including sweet orange lavender and grapefruit chamomile. As of right now I am using the sweet orange lavender to help out as an extra surge of moisture when I am dry in spots. These oils are great to have around for during or right after a cold around the nose where you have been using a lot a tissue or just to soothe and calm the face. I also got a massage and had them use care blends as the massage oil for my face. Deeeevine, just sayin! Pick them both up today at the MAC pro store on Armitage! 

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