Girl, you need to handle that stache.

Girl, you need to handle that stache.



Here we go, you guys asked the though questions so I am gonna give you the tough answers. Yes, you need to be waxing or threading your upper lip! Even if the hair is blonde toss that bleaching cream and handle biz ladies! Choose waxing if you can take it because it is like 3 strips and it it over quickly. Thread if you are on a medicine for your face prescribed by the Dr. or if you are extremely sensitive. After either service make sure that you cleanse the area because mini breakouts are inevitable. Make sure that your waxing artist is licensed and extremely clean. Please do not get your waxing done at a little nail shop and for that matter.... don't go in there for your nails anyway. Ew!


Real talk on the lip wax is that it will not grow back more quickly or darker than before. I feel like that was an excuse invented by a woman that did not want to wax. The hair darkens and grows back more prominent from your hormones not from getting rid of the stache. The only real bummer is that waxing can not get rid of the dark patches above your lip that are probably caused from your birth control or sun. Make sure that if you have those dark patches popping up on your lip you go back to see your doctor.

P.S. Yes, getting your lip threaded is similar to having shards of glass thrown at your face. All in the name of beauty sis. It will be over in a min.


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