Sex in the City 2! My famine of beauty is over.

My 29th birthday was last Friday on May 21st and boy oh boy was it ever a big one. Some days I feel as old as the hills and then other days I feel like I wont ever grow up. It has only been in the last few years that I have really come to grips with the fact that I can not just do whatever I want to with my body, face, makeup and hair and "get away with it" let alone "pull it off."  (Whatever that means.) I don't like having to think that extra second before I put on a short skirt, wear lime green eye shadow or get my picture taken and having make sure that my face is catching the light the right way (I don't want to look to old now do I?) I don't like thinking about the consequences before I eat something delish or before I skip a workout. I don't really like seeing the mistakes of my past starting to pop up on my face. This is not the face that you guys see when I am out and about but the real face under the crappy lighting in my bathroom when I lift my head up from finally getting to wash my face at 1am. Ug!

Every birthday is the same for me, I LOSE MY MIND!
What did I need? I needed Sex in the City 2. A few girls and I decided to go see the movie as a mini girls night out in celebration for my birthday. (Sad to say I think this is turning more into birthday month not just birthday day. Ha!) I had heard prior to going to see the movie from friends that it kind of sucked a little. The movie opened the night before I was able to attend and I was anxious to see for myself. I was not detoured, nothing could have stopped me from seeing this film. Trust me.
I do not want to spoil it for anyone but I must say within seconds of the girls of Sex in the City hitting the screen me and the 20 somethings girls that I were with were whispering back and forth about how fantastic they all look. The skin, the hair, the makeup, the nails and fashion were all glowing and more perfect than ever. I could finally breathe again, I am not old and neither are they. These girls are hot like fire!


The truth is that as I sat there I thought to myself any beauty suggestion that I could ever write about are in this movie. The hair that they all sport is timeless and would look great on any woman at any age. The makeup in the movie was well done and had the same thing going on, timeless and classic. They were giving great face after great face! All of the stars of Sex in the City have taken care of themselves and it shows! Their skin is flawless and they are putting some ladies that are half their age to shame. I don't care what the tabloids say, work or no work they look great!
The best part was when I went to the bathroom. Yup, you read that correctly, the bathroom. I ran to the bathroom mid movie and while I was doing so I got one of those huge "I am gonna cry lumps in the throat." Swarming the bathroom and hallways of the movie theatre were droves of women. Young, old, all shapes and sizes, ethnicity's and economic back rounds dressed in their own version of Sex in the City garb. The girls were laughing, talking and re applying their lipstick. I think that I was just taken a back thinking about the fact that just like me droves of people around the world were kind of doing the same thing. Some of these ladies will never see New York or high fashion, some of these ladies will never have a Mr. Big or big hair but we all have one thing in common, for that two and a half hours we were able to dream about what it would be like if we did! Sex in the City was saving dreams by making and restoring new ones. I never see that many ladies wearing makeup and heels to an event that cost less than 15 dollars! I was in a dream world where all we actually do our hair and put on a full face of makeup. I don't know, this blog is called Pretty Cheap and the long and short of it
is that Sex in the City 2 was both pretty and cheap to go and see. I think that this movie saved me from feeling old for another year and kicked some old dreams of mine that were in the back on my head collecting dust into high gear. Thanks guys! Keep um coming.
Just as I said in the blog I really think that this film nailed the makeup and hair. If you are looking for an idea for new hair. look no further ladies, get your ideas here!

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