Sex in the City 2 is here! This is how you get Carrie Bradshaw hair.


Hey guys so we know that the Sex in the City freak out is kind of played out but, I know that you are all going to run to your stylists chair in the next week begging for new locks ala Carrie Bradshaw. I have your answer my friends, have your stylist try a technique called, balayage. Balayage is when the stylist hand paints on highlights and low lights. Most of the time the stylist will leave a little of the natural root in the final product to give it that "I hung at the beach all summer and havent really thought about it since" look. Sarah Jessica Parker has been a fan of this look along with many other celebs. (Think Victoria's Secret catalog models. Um dah!) If your stylist is not familiar or comfortable with Balayage, get up and find one that is.

Have fun watching the movie over the weekend.... I think I am a little to excited. It is nice to know that I am not alone!



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