Pastel eyebrows boo! Get into it!



Please do not burn me at the stake at the suggestion of something new kay. I am not going to lie I was reading Allure last night with a Skinny Cow in one hand and the mag in the other (did I ever mention that Allure is my beauty bible?) and I saw this trend jump off of the page. Colored eyebrows boo! No these are not your mamma's colored/ filled in brows.... this is some new level space stuff. Bright bold brows folks. Ok, so like no one is a super model hot, except for my friend Nina who is an actual model, anyway this is a hard look to pull off. My suggestion comes from a fun place so here we go. Use a dark blue, purple or maroon shadow to fill in your brows the next time you want to pack in a punch! I figured out this look when I was bored at home one lonely night while living in Germany with some Electric Eel eyeshadow from MAC in 2001. Kahpow. A new beast was born in me. Just give it a shot in your bathroom late at night before you go to bed. It will wash off this is not a tattoo! Check out these looks from Balenciaga and Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2010.

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  • i don't think i can pull this one off. it's kind of cool, but i'd look funny. my face isn't the easiest one to ever sort out what to do with, but i know this wouldn't help.

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