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The three letter word, SUN!!! Sunscreen tips and how to save your face.

I am not a doctor but it is save to say that you need to start saving your skin now. Do not abuse your face people!!! Geesh sometimes I swear you spend more time and money on your handbags then you do your face. If you want a refined piece of leather keep on doing... Read more »

Sex in the City 2! My famine of beauty is over.

My 29th birthday was last Friday on May 21st and boy oh boy was it ever a big one. Some days I feel as old as the hills and then other days I feel like I wont ever grow up. It has only been in the last few years that I have really come to... Read more »

Sex in the City 2 is here! This is how you get Carrie Bradshaw hair.

  Hey guys so we know that the Sex in the City freak out is kind of played out but, I know that you are all going to run to your stylists chair in the next week begging for new locks ala Carrie Bradshaw. I have your answer my friends, have your stylist try a... Read more »

Benefit Cosmetics Crescent Row gets 3 new scents! Eva, Rita and Carmella!

Um yum!     The truth is that I have not personally smelled the three new Crescent Row scents from Benefit Cosmetics but, the buzz on these scents is mad thick! Everyone that I know that has taken a whiff is literally obsessed. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears perked for the launch date (sometime... Read more »

Are you going to Bamboozle in Chicago tomorrow? Music fest tips!

  Um summer fest time is here friends! What are you doing tomorrow? You should be going to the Charter One Pavilion for the Bamboozle Chicago 2010! You will get to catch some amazing artists such as 3OH!3, Cobra Starship (I just cut Alex from Cobra Starships hair 2 weeks ago I hope that you like it!) and... Read more »

Pastel eyebrows boo! Get into it!

  Please do not burn me at the stake at the suggestion of something new kay. I am not going to lie I was reading Allure last night with a Skinny Cow in one hand and the mag in the other (did I ever mention that Allure is my beauty bible?) and I saw this trend jump... Read more »

Served up on a platter. Your spring Clinique gift bag is here at Bloomingdales.

Um remember that time that I told you that gift bags were the best thing ever invented? Well guess what…. the time to strike is now! BONUS TIME at Bloomingdale’s only May 12th-30th. Hit up Maria Nino at the Bloomingdale’s at 900 N. Michigan Ave. Snag yourself all of these goodies, a full size SPF 40,... Read more »

Self Magazines Work Out in the Park comes to Chicago!

There is more than one way to skin a cat, at least that is what they say. I say that a lot when it comes to beauty especially when I am trying to get someone to think outside of the box. On that note what are you doing this Saturday? You should blow off your plans and... Read more »

Need Victoria's Secret hair? Goody and Conair have you covered!

Want hot Victoria’ s Secret hair? Um yea you do before the weather gets all humid and gross and makes your hair frizzy or flat, ew. Well don’t worry duder I have your back.   Goody Simplestyles Volume Boost is a great way to at volume without wearing a Bumpit. This is more like a comb... Read more »

Shrek Forever After Collection by OPI. Loves it!

Dear OPI,   I didn’t like Shrek until now. There colors make me happy and are perfect for right freakin now! Thank you from the bottom of my cartoonless little heart.  xo Eliza   p.s. Thank you for the making the minis. They are a great way to try the whole collection for less!  ... Read more »