Need Victoria's Secret hair? Goody and Conair have you covered!

Want hot Victoria' s Secret hair? Um yea you do before the weather gets all humid and gross and makes your hair frizzy or flat, ew. Well don't worry duder I have your back.
Goody Simplestyles Volume Boost is a great way to at volume without wearing a Bumpit. This is more like a comb that you slide onto the crown of your hair. You can nab it in a few different colors. Bingo!


Infiniti by Conair® You Curl is also unreal. The idea is that the base of your hair is left loose and the ends have a tighter curl. 10 points, you win! Now go out and be hot! Peep it here
SAIC joins with the Art Institute »

Shrek Forever After Collection by OPI. Loves it!

Eliza Siep

I do hair and wear too much make up. I am probably your girlfriends best friend.

Dear OPI,
I didn't like Shrek until now. There colors make me happy and are perfect for right freakin now! Thank you from the bottom of my cartoonless little heart.
p.s. Thank you for the making the minis. They are a great way to try the whole collection for less!

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