Benefit Cosmetics Crescent Row gets 3 new scents! Eva, Rita and Carmella!

Um yum!




The truth is that I have not personally smelled the three new Crescent Row scents from Benefit Cosmetics but, the buzz on these scents is mad thick! Everyone that I know that has taken a whiff is literally obsessed. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears perked for the launch date (sometime in July.)

The three new yummies are... Garden of Good & Eva: A crisp citrus scent, freshly bundled with top notes of pear and watermelon. Lookin' to Rock Rita: A fruity green unleashing splashes of lemon, coconut, freesia and juicy fig and So Hooked on Carmella. A floral vanilla uniting grapefruit and rhubarb in the most delicious way. So stoked!





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