Are you going to Bamboozle in Chicago tomorrow? Music fest tips!



Um summer fest time is here friends! What are you doing tomorrow? You should be going to the Charter One Pavilion for the Bamboozle Chicago 2010! You will get to catch some amazing artists such as 3OH!3, Cobra Starship (I just cut Alex from Cobra Starships hair 2 weeks ago I hope that you like it!) and local boys Kill Hannah (I did hair and makeup for their video that is coming out soon called "Promise Me") and many many more! I am totally stoked because as of now the weather is going to be perfection. (My sis and I are already fighting over who gets to wear the dress that we have that's the same! haha!) Needless to say, remember to wear your SPF (everywhere dah) and try using Band Aid Blister Block stick for ouch free feel that will keep you walking all day!

If you are like me and you like a break ad midst the madness peep out what Coke is bringing to the show this year. Aside from the great music, those in attendance will also get to experience the Coca-Cola "Swelter Stopper!"
What's a "Swelter Stopper" and why Bamboozle?


Many of the factors that make a summer concert so awesome - the warm weather, bright sun and dancing - can take a lot out of someone. Enter "Swelter Stopper" - one of Coke's secret ingredients that, when combined with the others, make Coke the uplifting refreshment that it is.  
The secret it out!  To help concert goers make it from the opening to closing acts, Coke will have the "Swelter Stopper" experience stocked with ice-cold Coca-Cola.  Get refreshed with blasts of frosty air, snow falling, and a delicious Coke from the perfect serve sampling bar, along with uplifting interactive games, a DJ and a photo station.  Once their "Swelter Stopper" experience ends, they'll be ready for crowd surfing at the main stage.
To give you a better idea about what it's like inside, you can check out some of the images taken from previous events (this is also where the Chicago pics will live): 
For more details about Coca-Cola's Secret Ingredient Formula, please go here: 

For all of the information and to see who all is playing tomorrow go here!


I will see you there!

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