Tweezerman is here to save the day!

Pretty much no one knows eyebrows like Benefit Cosmetics. Between the Brow Bars in select cities (There are a few in Chicago as of now with more to come), Brow carts and the Benefit Boutiques there is def a spot near you to get the perfect arch. Benefit has always been known for fun cosmetics but when they took on brows long ago they hit the nail on the head. They already have an array of products to style the brows that are total perfection with my personal favorite being the Brows A-Go-Go kit but, they were kind of missing something from their repertoire. Tools!

Don't worry Tweezerman to the rescue! I know that when I am doing eyebrows that Tweezerman is my go to tool of choice. They are high quality and last for ever when taken care of. Don't worry friends that dentist look of the Tweezerman tools is out and the Benefit pink is now splashed all over the new tools for Benefit. The tools are available starting in May and you can check the site for more info!


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