The walls are covered in glitter, finally! Beauty Bar Chicago.

So basically, Chicago finally got it's first ever Beauty Bar and I have officially died and gone to heaven. What is the Beauty Bar you ask? It's a bar (dah) that is made to look like a beauty shop from Jersey in the 60's (yum.) Now I know that this is a beauty blog so don't worry I am getting to that part.

I was sitting at the Beauty Bar last night and I realized that they give the latest manicures in the city. I have always been annoyed that there was really no place to get a mani after 8pm in Chicago and blammo here it is! They do this rad drink and a mani combo where you buy a $10.00 martini and you get a manicure (genius!)
Flip through the pics and see how delish this place is. The first Beauty Bar that I checked out was in Hollywood, Ca when I lived there but they also have locations in, Portland, Austin, Brooklyn, NYC, San Diego, Las Vegas,San Fransisco and one coming to Denver (aka. All of the best places in the US basically.) Check out the site and get more info for parties and fun events. Any place that is covered in glitter with a drink called Blue Rinse is allllright by me!
Want more info friends? p.s. The site and pics are worth checking out
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