The product line is kind of similar to a slap in the face. TIGI ABS day 3

So here we are, the final day of the America's Beauty Show 2010. I feel like it's the crack of dawn but it's really 9:30am. My best friend and I got up and got going earlier than normal. I wanted to take her with me to the final day of the beauty show. My best friend is not a stylist BTW, although I have taught her to do the best root touch ups in town. She is also very up on all of the new and top of the line beauty products because we live together and I talk about things like that a little too close to all of the time.

I had taken my friend Samantha the day prior to see the bus and the show. It made me so excited to have a non stylist with me the second day that I really wanted my BFF Jenna to see the Livin' the Dream tour bus and beauty show on the final day. I guess for a split second, walking my friends around the show kind of made me feel cool or something. I was excited to explain the history of the different product lines, the artists on stage and why it is that America's Beauty Show exists in the first place. It was fun seeing them get as excited about the polished models as I did the first time that I saw them in 2004 at my first hair show.





The goals of the last day of the beauty show were pretty simple for me:  a) my BFF wants red hair ala My Life as Liz star Liz from the hit MTV show and b) I need to get anything I have been dying to buy or try.


As for the hair color, we went straight to TIGI and ended up with a hand written formula from one of the best colorists on the block. This formula is like a golden ticket to me and worth a million bucks, probably saving me hours of trying to reach that perfect red.





After we got our formula of perfection, I took Jenna onto the Livin' the Dream tour bus. Like a proud parent, I explained every detail of the bus as if the thing were actually my own. Is it lame or cool that I am bragging to her that TIGI is reducing their carbon footprint with greenhouse gas reduction offsets while on tour? I thought at this point that this bus might have to get a restraining order on me in order to not have me hold onto the back as it pulls away from the show!


Well at least on the third day I am not the only one losing my cool. Typically, the third day of the America's Beauty Show is on Monday, aka "student day." This means that all of the beauty schools from around the Midwest area dump their students off at the door and let them participate as spectators of the show. With all the students walking around, piercings, tattoos and multi colored spiky hair is the norm. I was happy to see so many fresh faces willing to pick up and try something new. The TIGI and Rockaholic area of the show was slammed that day for that very reason. The students could not get enough of Rockaholic! Well duh, it makes sense right? This ain't yo mamma's product line. Thank God for that. It is about time a line came around and rattled everyone's cages a little. The line is kind of similar to a slap in the face.  It reminds you that you are still alive as a stylist. Most haircuts are the same; it's the products that make it different.


Tired, exhausted and worn out by mid afternoon, it was time to roll out of the beauty show. I left with the entire Rockaholic product line because, let's face it, a girl can never have too much, right? I also left with golden ticket for my BFF's perfect red hair in my hand. Not too shabby if you ask me.


So what did I learn you might ask? I learned that even when it is all said and done, after 3 full days of being on that bus, watching people do hair, talking about hair and the industry, and trying new things, I still had Jenna drive me to Cosmo Prof (a beauty supply store) when we left the show. We picked up the golden ticket formula, went home, and did hair for the rest of the night in my kitchen, old school style just the way I like it.


When you love something that much, you just can't stop. The hair turned out stunning, by the way, and I am already looking forward to next year's beauty show. How the heck are they going to top that dang bus, I wonder? This year's America's Beauty Show made me do one of my favorite things, reset my wildest dreams just a little higher. The bar has been raised by that Livin' the Dream tour bus. Crazy, impossible.... not anymore.


You can find out more about Rockaholic and the TIGI Livin the Dream Tour bus here!


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