PINK! Dollymix and much much more!


Nothing is more sweet looking than a bright pink cheek. Un like the bold cheek of the 80's (that I still back BTW) this bright pink look is more on the apple of the cheek, not so much under the cheek bone. You can wear a little or you can wear a lot! This is a trend that is a nice addition to an already full makeup wardrobe. The one thing that stands out to me about this trend is that it looks good on everyone from the very pale to the darker skinned diva. Kim Kardashian and Gaga have all been crusaders for this blazing look so it's about time you join in on the fun. My two picks for this look and Dollymix and Pink Swoon both by MAC. Dollymix is brighter and should be put on in stages as to not look clownish. Pink Swoon is a little on the lighter side and still as sweet as pie. If you have more mature skin try using a pinkish blush that is cream. Posietint from Benefit Cosmetics is the bee's knees and looks great on like everyone. Reminder: Don't use cream or gel blush over a bunch of powder, you will have a hot mess on your hands and no one has time for that.

Wanna smell as cute as you look? Try Pink Sugar by Aquolina perfume. Yum Yum Yum. Warning: Someone might try to take a bite out of you. This stuff smells just like it sounds. Light and sweet. Guys say that I smell like a sugar cookie or Cinnamon buns. In that case I will take 10 bottles please!


What should you be listening to? The Big Pink!




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