Make a body scrub at home! DIY




Ok so lets face it your skin is probs looking less than fab after the winter ravaged through it. Ew! Lets get you glowing for cheap duder because spring is here and so are skirts, shorts and tank tops. This is a trick that can be done on the cheap so listen up. Scrubs for the body usually cost a lot and it is typically worth it because they leave you silky smooth. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have the same results minus the cost? Here is my formula for a great at home scrub. Mix coffee, a little water, oil and body wash or shampoo. You can substitute the coffee for sugar or salt as well. Watch out for any cuts on the body if you use salt. I like the coffee because the caffeine gives you a natural boost. I use the coffee that was from my morning pot of coffee and mix it in a batch for the shower. The oil makes the skin feel great and leaves you soft. Do not over scrub because you wont need to. Focus on rough spots and dry areas. This is also a rad trick to try before sunless tanning, just sayin.

What should you listen to while you are doing your at home spa? The Pixies! Dah.

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