Earth Day Beauty. Cut the crap and stop being "greenish!"


Hey guys Earth Day is right around the corner! April 22, 2010 is this years international Earth Day and I wanted to do a blog that might get you pumped up for the occasion. The only prob is that I am not very earthy myself. I mean dah, I take reuse able bags to the grocery store and walk everywhere to reduce my carbon footprint but, for the most part I am green to the whole green thing.

I feel like the beauty industry has taken a lot of notice and action over the years with more focus and praise put on those products and companies that work hard to do their part. I remember working for The Body Shop many many moons ago and their whole thing was kind of being a brand with a conscious, this was a nice change from the seemingly snooty cosmetics world. The Body Shop doesn't just give back to the earth... they give back to people! This has always been a little radical and very outstanding!
En light of Earth Day I did some poking around to see what was out there as far as green products and info on green products is concerned. Let's face it, if I really wanted to get something greenish I would stroll down the street to the mega Whole Foods and talk to the pro that works in that neck of the woods. (I strongly suggest doing this by the way. The people that work the Whole Foods beauty section are right on the money and know the beauty products inside and out.)
So, what did I learn? I learned that I have a lot more to learn on the subject of green living. Period. I am having the hardest time writing this blog because I know virtually nothing on the subject (this is not a good thing BTW). Even with my research I still feel a little clueless not gonna lie. I think the gist that I picked up from the jumbled overly annoying sites I was visiting is, do not believe the hype, believe the facts. The green trend is like any other trend. Green is a  marketing tactic to get you to purchase more from most companies. I think that people started playing on the fact that everyone wanted to go green all of the sudden and started to make minor adjustments to their companies so that they could throw them back in your face to show you how green they are. Lame. Stick to the true blue products and companies that are actually trying to make a difference. Just like with anything else cut to the chase and do not believe the hype. If you want to go green, go green don't go greenish. Do your own research and make it a lifestyle and not a trend. Sometimes doing the right thing might cost you a bit more but in the long run it will be worth it. I will say that over the years beauty products across the board (especially makeup) that is organic and green has stepped it up and is now in the running to play with the big dogs.
What do I love minus the hype?
Lush cosmetics. Check out their site and stores if you have a chance.  ( They are totally not annoying and I would say borderline at little comical with their approach to beauty. This is the real deal folks and they are doing some fun specials for Earth Day, just sayin.
Love Peace and the Planet from TIGI. (peep the line here I purchased the whole like when it came out and I must say bravo TIGI! The smells are delish to every single one of the products and a little goes a long way (this is always a good thing because it costs you less in the long run.) If you are looking to try something new I give this line two thumbs up. It is great for people like me because it feels comfortable to use TIGI and it feels good to know that green can also mean quality products.


Local Chicago love goes to Karyn's (peep them here The best juice in the city and she offers make up as well! Once again I am not even gonna try to sound like I know what's up but the people that work at Karyn's can help you and would be happy to do so!
At the end of the day I tried to bring green home and to make it a little more personal. Here is my version of going green my own way! Make your own and have a little fun!
Moisturizing Shampoo from TIGI
Moisturizing Conditioner from TIGI
Goth Juice from LUSH
Cherry Almond Firm Hold Hairspray from TIGI
Karyn's Makeup Line Red lipstick and black eye pencil
Robert Smith from The Cure!



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  • I'm with you on this, I'm not up on the subject as well as I could be, but i do try to get things that are organic and i LOVE LUSH! so i'm trying. i was wondering about the TIGI line but now that you've mentioned it, i'll have to give it a try. you're my own personal style adivsor without even knowing it! Great blog!

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