Anna Wintour proves that punk is not dead.



I called my mother on Saturday morning and the voicemail that I left went something like this. "Hey mom I just wanted to let you know that the best thing that you ever did for me was giving me your Netflix password." I said that statement to my mother in total joke form but, I said it because I had been watching fashion and music documentaries for hours while at home sick. I tell you all of this because this blog is called "Pretty Cheap" and I figured that Netflix is a pretty cheap way to get inspired about beauty and to see the other side of how the beauty industry runs. I typically watch fashion documentaries alone because God forbid that you suggest it to a boyfriend or a gf that doesn't get it, they will look at you like you have suggested giving away a million dollars to a random person.

The truth is that I have always been on the makeup and hair end of the beauty industry and  a little less of the fashion. Don't get me wrong, I would love to be on the fashion end but my talents do not rest there. Just how the cookie crumbled I suppose. I find that the fashion world and my worlds are often so closely linked that sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between all of them. I feel as if makeup and hair are inspired by fashion and vise versa. We all take cues from each other, it is a healthy dance.
Some of the docs I watched that thoroughly inspired and motivated me this weekend  were, The September Issue (is it lame that this was my third time watching this gem?) Valentino the Last Emperor and Seamless. The September Issue is about the making of the September Issue of Vogue. Valentino the Last Emperor is about Valentino the designer and his last years leading up to his retirement. (blegh I hope I said that correctly.) Then Seamless was about a few of the contestants in this fashion designer competition put on by the Council of Fashion Designers of America and Vogue magazine to help the newest crop of young designers get that final push in reaching the public.
The truth is that this is that during all three of these docs I laughed, I cried and I thought to myself.... "Why are all of us in this industry? It's the worst!" In the same breath thinking... "Man there is nowhere else I would rather be than the beauty industry. I have found my home." My home is somewhere between the misfits and the genius. That fine line between artist and bantering fools.


It might be interesting for you to watch those docs if you are not a part of the beauty industry. These docs will introduce you to the people that choose the trends that we all live in everyday. In other words these people pick the lipstick color that you will be wearing a year from now by being trendsetters and experts in the field of beauty and fashion. Anna Wintour the Editor and Chief of Vogue will be a name and face that will keep popping up a little or a lot in all three of these documentaries. Let me put it this way, if beauty were a country Anna Wintour would be the President.
I was once asked in an interview who I thought the one true punk was and I answered with Anna Wintour. The look that I received was puzzled but seriously, she will not take crap, she does not follow the trends she sets them, she knows what she wants and how to get it. She has been called an "ice queen" to her face and she does not even flinch. That's pretty dang punk if you ask me!
Without these punks and people that are willing to bend and break the rules like Anna Wintour, Valentino and the pretty broke designers of Seamless there would be no me! They write the handbook for the rest of us to live by and have dedicated their entire lives so that we know what color of lipstick is hot this season.


Long and short of it is that, Netflicks is a Pretty Cheap way to get some great beauty ideas and see how it all goes down. Thank you to the true punks from me to you. Happy watching!
What should you listen to? Ladytron! I love the opening song from them in The September Issue!


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