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Anna Wintour proves that punk is not dead.

  I called my mother on Saturday morning and the voicemail that I left went something like this. “Hey mom I just wanted to let you know that the best thing that you ever did for me was giving me your Netflix password.” I said that statement to my mother in total joke form but, I said it... Read more »

PINK! Dollymix and much much more!

  Nothing is more sweet looking than a bright pink cheek. Un like the bold cheek of the 80’s (that I still back BTW) this bright pink look is more on the apple of the cheek, not so much under the cheek bone. You can wear a little or you can wear a lot! This is... Read more »

You were probably asleep so here is my WGN podcast on Chicagonow Radio!

So I totally have a raging cold and you can totally tell but, here is the podcast link from WGN yesterday! Alex and I talked about the green machine of the beauty industry and some things to never say to a stylist along with a bunch of other stuffs. hahaha I hope that you like it!... Read more »

Earth Day Beauty. Cut the crap and stop being "greenish!"

  Hey guys Earth Day is right around the corner! April 22, 2010 is this years international Earth Day and I wanted to do a blog that might get you pumped up for the occasion. The only prob is that I am not very earthy myself. I mean dah, I take reuse able bags to the grocery... Read more »

Make a body scrub at home! DIY

    Ok so lets face it your skin is probs looking less than fab after the winter ravaged through it. Ew! Lets get you glowing for cheap duder because spring is here and so are skirts, shorts and tank tops. This is a trick that can be done on the cheap so listen up. Scrubs for... Read more »

Tweezerman is here to save the day!

Pretty much no one knows eyebrows like Benefit Cosmetics. Between the Brow Bars in select cities (There are a few in Chicago as of now with more to come), Brow carts and the Benefit Boutiques there is def a spot near you to get the perfect arch. Benefit has always been known for fun cosmetics but... Read more »

Paperself Eyelashes. Mini paper eyelashes are a beautiful wave of the future!

This world just became perfect. Do you ever see something so magical that you a) Can’t believe a human created it and b) Can’t believe that it didn’t exist before this? I give you Paperself eyelashes! Just as it sounds they are eyelashes that are made into beautiful shapes from paper! I do not really need... Read more »

Bronze Goddess from Estee Lauder. Get it while it's hot!

    Every now and then a product comes along that is limited edition and we put off buying it until it is to late and then kick ourselves for way to long to be comfortable. Bronze Goddess perfume by Estee Lauder is one of those things that you do not want to drag your feet... Read more »

The walls are covered in glitter, finally! Beauty Bar Chicago.

So basically, Chicago finally got it’s first ever Beauty Bar and I have officially died and gone to heaven. What is the Beauty Bar you ask? It’s a bar (dah) that is made to look like a beauty shop from Jersey in the 60’s (yum.) Now I know that this is a beauty blog so don’t worry I am... Read more »

The product line is kind of similar to a slap in the face. TIGI ABS day 3

So here we are, the final day of the America’s Beauty Show 2010. I feel like it’s the crack of dawn but it’s really 9:30am. My best friend and I got up and got going earlier than normal. I wanted to take her with me to the final day of the beauty show. My best friend is... Read more »