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So this is kind of weird for me but, I posted some pics as of late that were all shots taken while I was working on the Kill Hannah music shoot for the song "Promise Me" over the weekend and people wont stop talking about my lip color! I thought it was funny because if you have ever done hair and makeup on a video shoot you know that it sounds so much more glamorous than it actually is. A lack of sleep, a cold from the weather change and being outside during a cold snow storm were all to blame for my less than camera ready look but alas... people keep asking about the hair and lips so in my little Eliza sized brain I thought... "blog it!" The lips are Nightmoth liner by MAC from the Cult of Cherry collection (my favorite MAC collection to date if anyone cares) and Satin MAC lipstick in Rebel. I had to be up at 6:30am so that lip was on all day as was the rest of my face. I started off the day with Lip Plump primer for the lips by Benefit Cosmetics but I didn't use a lot of the primer because I feel like it compromised the color of the lipstick to much. As with most MAC intense shades of lipstick when they start to get gross I fully take the lip off with tough tissue and start over. I also check the lip to make sure that it is not a hot mess multiple times a day. I will not drink a drink with a lid (IE Starbucks) and I lick (yes, I just said lick) the side of any cup or drink to make sure that my lip does not stick. I will also watch what I am eating... in other words if I eat a sandwich with a lip like this I will pull it apart and eat it in small bites. I am not kidding, this kind of thing is a lifestyle choice. haahhaha If you do not follow these rules your lip will look like a hot mess. If you have thin lips opt for a dark berry gloss with no liner. You will get a similar look but without making your lips look smaller. I hope that helps!


promise me.jpg

As for the hair, I have been bleaching it white for over a year with root touch ups every 3 weeks on the dot. I threw a mix of green/grey/blue and purple color/shampoo/toner (yes, I mixed it all together at the same time in one bowl) and did a root shade on myself and let it bleed to the ends. Like I said, it's a lifestyle! I was inspired by Storm from X Men, Blondie and Tavi the 13 year old blogger.



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