Tokidoki! If makeup were a game... Sephora just won.



Ok Sephora.... we need to have a one on one talk. First you gave me Kat Von D makeup (Her perfumes are still my fave, Sinner and Saint or a mixture or both), then you served me up the ever delish Tarina Tarantino (if cupcakes were makeup they would be Tarina FYI check out this blog for more info um now with tears in my eyes you freakin drop Tokidoki on me? Like I know that you guys think that I am kidding but seriously, I have butterflies when I see this new line. Either you are in or you are out when it comes to Tokidoki and you should probably be in. Not for the tame at heart or the boring the whole concept is bright, young and fun! Add this to your spring and summer makeup collection and let your face pop. P.S. Just to let you know they have a slew of fun accessories as well the Tarina Tarantino line but some of them are limited so buy up friend! Sephora is going to have a hard time topping themselves if you ask me. Wink! You guys are on point... nice work! High five!

If you look here you can check out the entire line!


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