The skinny on Eyelash and Eyebrow tinting!

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting is perfect for the girl on the go annnnd for the "all natural girl." I am of course the girl on the go and to make matters worse I am an actual natural blonde (gasp! yes they are out there.) What does this mean? My eyelashes and eyebrows are like white. I feel very fortunate because it allows me to play with color on my lashes and even brows when I go dark but as spring arrives we start thinking about swimming, camping and vacation. The answer for all of these activities and for the all natural girl is eyelash and eyebrow tinting!

It sounds weird and has to be done right but basically, they color your eyelashes and eyebrows it makes you look like you have a light mascara on and a light brow tint. The tinting will last you at least 2 weeks if done well. You can choose between brown and black! Here is my suggestion chart for that.
eyelash tinting.jpg


blondes and redheads eyelashes= black
brunettes eyelashes= black
black hair= skip it dude you will not see a huge change opt for eyelash eyetentions instead. A totally dif service get a nice brow arch as well that will do the trick you lucky woman you!


blondes and redhead eyebrows= brown
brunette eyebrows= black
The deal is that the eyelashes look good right away and the brows look kind of odd for a day (it's a hard thing to do for the artist.) Make sure that your skin has a lot of moisture when you go in for the tinting because the dye is less likely to stick on your skin if it has a lot of moisture in there. You can do both of these services at home but promise me that you wont, it will not look right and can be dangerous.
eyebrow tinting.jpg


Where do you need to go? A Benefit Boutique! Go on a Monday or a Tuesday and make sure that the artist takes their time. The word on the street is that Flutter is also a good spot in Chicago. Yay to brows and lashes for setting the tone for a flawless face.


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  • I've been doing the lash/brow tint at Benefit for a few months now. I'm addicted! (I second the point about the artist taking their time, I prefer the Evanston location for this reason :)

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