The new Clarisonic Opal works! No serioulsy for real it does!

Ok, for all of you gadget geeks this ones for you. As we all know, I am def not doctor I am just a simple beauty hoarder when it comes to products and tips. I am also licensed in cosmetology in a few states and one of the things that we covered in school was an in depth study of the skin. My experience is that not many over the counter treatments really help with wrinkles and puffiness. Boo! That being said I have been marinating in this post for a few days now trying to find the words of what I would like to say with the end result being.... The new Clarisonic Opal works! I am not even kidding.... it works!

Here is the scoop. The same people that brought you the Clarisonic skin care brush made a new gadget that works to target fine lines and puffiness around the eye area. The Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System comes with Anti-Aging Sea Serum that the device lightly massages into the eye area for results within seconds from my experience. This thing is so new level that when I told a client that I had the new Opal she actually flipped out and screamed with excitement as if I had told her that I had gone on a date with Rob Patz or something.
 How do I know that it works? I took a spontaneous road trip with a friend resulting in a mega lack of sleep for 4 days. We both used the device and not only were we not puffy and dry we actually looked rested and ready to go! The under eye area and around the eye is one of the places that I show a late night or a salty binge first. The Opal took all of that right out of my eye area (and my friend, I forced her to use it.) One thing that I would like to say as well is that I noticed that my makeup was also sitting a lot better in those areas with no negative side effects from the serum. The results for me with the Opal  keep getting better each day and last throughout the day and into the night. The long and short of it is that The new Clarisonic Opal work and is worth the money. Period.


Here is the site. Peep it, buy it!
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