Tarina Tarantino can I please be your best friend?

Excuse me world!!! What happens when the best jewelry designer in the world makes make up? Tarina Tarantino is hands down flat out my favorite jewelry designer of all time (and by all time, I actually mean over the last few years.) I don't often write celebs emails but I did write Tarina Tarantino a year ago (of course she didn't write back but why would she?) I simply said,

"Hello my name is Eliza and the truth is that I never wore jewelry before you came along because I was to focused on my dramatic makeup and hair. Your pieces changed the way that I view jewelry as more of an art. They appeal to my eye, and that's a first. Thank you for being such and amazing artist!" xo Eliza

I mean, you can just look at Tarina Tarantino and you know that she knows what's up. A former makeup artist herself she knows the ropes and how it goes. Sometimes looking at her is similar to eating a cupcake (that's a huge compliment!) When I heard that she was releasing her own makeup live via Sephora I smiled and muttered.... Perrrrfect! The best of all worlds! Perfect, Sheer, Pretty and Pink are all words that come to mind when I am describing this latest collection. The price point is not all that bad, just throwing it out there. On a budget? Grab one of the lipsticks and just keep it as a going out or what I like to call a "clutch color." A clutch color is a lip color that is expensive that you keep only for going out so that you keep it nice and neat and when you pull it out all of your gf's gasp at the pretty packaging. Check out the site and let me know what you think. If you are new to Tarina Tarantino.... welcome! You are about to have your mind blown!
p.s. Where do I buy the Tarina Tarantino jewelry in the city? Broken Cherry! Check out this blog for more info.
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