Is Jade the new Black?




The truth is that everyone is flipping for green nails this Spring! I noticed the trend when 3 of my clients in the same day were wearing the same green nail polish from OPI called Jade is the New Black from the Hong Kong collection. Yum who would have thought that green on the nails would look so delish. I had on a slight varation of the color from Hard Candy in Teal. Every girl claimed that she likes my color more but I must admit that the OPI is slightly more "on trend." Who cares about on trend anyway, blegh make your own trend and then we can talk. I am slightly obsessed with jade green ever since Channel showed it mixed with black and white. Yum. Here are some of my top pics for green nails this season. Reminder: You can mix nail colors as well in the bottle. You must be a little brave and do it over the sink but it can be done for that one of a kind hue.





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  • Ladies, men who decide whether or not females are attractive based on their nail color are not really all that attractive themselves. Be yourself and let someone love that. I have black nail polish on right now and I am hot like hades. Thanks for reading my beauty blog bro!

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