America's Beauty Show. I might pee myself!

I woke up at 6am today ew (keep in mind I am a full time hair stylist so I don't actually have to be at the salon until 3pm.) I usually sleep rather well if I do say so myself but for some reason right now I have mega butterflies. I was scrolling through my brain of adult type things that I have on my plate and realized that I have all of those in check. Hum, why am I so antsy? Blammo! It hit me like a ton of bricks, America's Beauty Show is this weekend!

America's Beauty Show is one of the largest hair, skin and nail shows in the world featuring the best of the best of the best. Hair stylists and people in the beauty industry travel from around the world to show the rest of us what they have brewing in their pot for the next year. The rest of us go there to learn, take classes on the mighty beauty biz, to purchase, compete and to get inspired. This hair show is sort of like the Super Bowl of beauty, and to think it is all right here in Chicago at McCormic Place!


It's funny, I went to my first America's Beauty Show while I was about half way through beauty school. I figured it was going to be lame (keep in mind I am always "to cool for school" when it comes to things that "everyone is doing." hahaha At least I can poke fun of myself right?) I kind of just went because I figured that it would help me to get out of school more quickly by beefing up my hours. Over the course of those first beauty show days I was shown that my choice in doing hair was nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. I had kind of seen being in the beauty industry up until that point as kind of a "life plan Z." I thought that I was to dumb to do anything else and that only directionless lozers did hair and makeup. These people were not lozers, they were creative geniuses! Business owners that have it all figured out, famous stylists, brand owners and teachers... they were all there! I realized at that first show that I had just embarked on a journey that was bigger than myself, the journey of the beauty industry. For the first time I saw myself as an artist with something to share with the world one hair cut at a time. Heck, I even won a student award at the show for a project that I called "Cupcake Goth." (It is funny now in retrospect how little has changed!) When I went up to the podium in front of what felt like a billion students I could see all of my buddies in the first row kind of tearing up. I said something along the lines of, "This means a lot to me because I am kind of the freak and geek at school. I am so happy to have been recognized and honored for following my heart and being myself."
I still feel that way today, I am honored that I have had a chance to follow my heart and to be myself. The beauty industry since then has taken me to every major city in the US, I have toured with bands, done music videos, photo shoost, worked for magazines, written and done every ones hair and makeup from celebs to my mother. I am excited and gitty for the show this weekend and if you are in the industry and are not going, you are a stone cold fool! My hopes are that I am inspired so much so that I can bring back a plethora of info for you about new trends and products. I am probs most excited for Tabatha Coffey from the television show Tabatha's Salon Take Over. (I love this blog from Chicagonow peep it! Pretty much every word that comes out of her mouth I need to hear. She preaches the truth when it comes to hair and business in general.

 I am also very excited to peep the brand new TIGI Rockaholic tour bus that just got kicked off at this years SXSW. I am also really looking forward to the nails portion of the show this year. I am not all that great at doing nails myself but for some reason the art that people can do on nails fascinates me! Stay posted to my blog right here for updates on the show and I will also be tweeting while I am at the show on for more info on the America's Beauty Show check out. So, one last thing.... sorry Chicago, this city is about to get torn up... nobody can party like hairstylists... nobody. hahaha

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  • This is fantastic! There is something similar, I believe, being held in Philly and my stylist and all her friends are hyped up about going. I could totally be wrong about the location, all I know is that she wants her nose jewelry changed before she has to go to it...and that's my job! So anyroad, this looks way funner than the library conventions that I definitely avoid. Have fun, but try not to pee yourself!

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