A sneak peek of what I saw at the 2010 America's Beauty Show!




With no further ado let me jump right in to my first (wait, would that be second?) of many a blog on the America's Beauty Show 2010! If you follow my blog you might have caught my last post on how excited I was about the show. 3 days later I am filled with a new form of excitement because for the next few weeks I will be able to tell you who, what, where, when and why about the show this past weekend. If you are a stylist or in the industry hold on to your britches and enjoy the ride! If you are just a product junkie you are also in for many treats because I had you in mind while I was walking around the show! My beauty sponge brain was in full force for 3 full days and boy oh boy, do we have a lot to catch up on. Let the games begin! Here is cart to my own person beauty show lingo aka. "Elizaisms", some of my fave pics of me from the show, and a taste of what's to come here in Pretty Cheap over the next few weeks.




So, an "Elizaism" is a term that pops out of my mouth multiple times when I get very excited about something typically in the realm of hair,makeup, fashion, music etc. Here are a few terms that I wanted to catch you up on in order to cut off any confusion during further blogs. Feel free to use these terms at will. The only rule is that you must say them with some gusto as if it is the only sentence suitable to describe the moment.

2010 America's Beauty Show Elizaisms!
"Giving it to me"
This term can be used to pick out one item of a look or thing or a whole look or thing in general. This is a positive term and you tell anyone that might listen when your favorite part is standing out to you.
Used in a sentence. "Ohhhh, Gaga is giving me yellow hair." (translation: I love Lady Gaga and her yellow tipped hair) "Your giving me face." (translation: Your whole face looks really good today.) "What are you giving me right now? Oh, your giving me YSL lip." (translation: Your YSL lip color is very nice.)
"Serving it up raw"
This term is used by me to describe a product or look that is so new and fresh that it breaks down bariaries and makes me feel like I am new to the beauty game again, in a good way. Inspiring and motivating are two words that come to mind when I think of this ism.
Used in a sentence. "Matrix is serving it up to me raw dude." (translation: Matrix is so fresh with the ideas and I love their work) "I am getting served raw right now by T.I.GI., seriously." (translation: T.I.G.I. is amazing.)
"Serving up some soup"
This is a term that I use when everything good and right with the world is in the mix of the look that I am witnessing. This term can also be used in a negative way when used with my name in front of soup aka. "Eliza Soup." "Some soup" is always a good thing.
Used in a sentence. "Sassoon is serving me up some soup right now." (translation: Sassoon is really doing a great job.)
Now that you have my guide you can follow me a little easier while I am explaining the America's Beauty show over the next few weeks! My sneak peek awards go to.... drum roll......
Rockaholic from TIGI for best over all. They gave us a freakin tour bus for gosh sake along with stellar products, a good attitude and hot hair. Period.
Matrix for best model looks. I don't want to ruin the surprise but if Gaga, Coco Chanel and Tim Burton had a baby... it would be the Matrix look for the show. Perrrrfection!
Scruples for hottest color. They served it up raw and gave it to me!
Tabatha Coffey for hottest celeb. Her hair is on point friends and she was glowing!
Cutest shwag goes to www.behindthechair.com. Their tshirts are to die for!
Lamest thing I saw at the show? These whack glitter hair extension strands that look like Christmas tree tinsel in your hair. If you are over the age of 3 you should not be stoked on this look. Not couture or hot unless seen on Betsey Johnson and that still would be pushing it.

Ok, so there is my preview of what is to come. Stay tuned we are just getting started!

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  • I have been waiting for these blog posts! I'm lovin' the Elizaisms...and so excited to see what all you discovered at the show. Can't wait for you to be serving me up some soup on the show!

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