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Hi, my name is Eliza and I am a Rockaholic. Day 1 of ABS 2010.

“Um, Hi.  My name is Eliza Siep,” I said to the receptionist at the 2010 America’s Beauty Show press office desk.  She stared back at me strangely as if I was a lost baby bat that had escaped from the inner depths of Hades. She didn’t reply, so I reiterated, “My name is Eliza Siep... Read more »

A sneak peek of what I saw at the 2010 America's Beauty Show!

    With no further ado let me jump right in to my first (wait, would that be second?) of many a blog on the America’s Beauty Show 2010! If you follow my blog you might have caught my last post on how excited I was about the show. 3 days later I am filled with... Read more »

America's Beauty Show. I might pee myself!

I woke up at 6am today ew (keep in mind I am a full time hair stylist so I don’t actually have to be at the salon until 3pm.) I usually sleep rather well if I do say so myself but for some reason right now I have mega butterflies. I was scrolling through my brain... Read more »

"What lip color do you have on?"

    So this is kind of weird for me but, I posted some pics as of late that were all shots taken while I was working on the Kill Hannah music shoot for the song “Promise Me” over the weekend and people wont stop talking about my lip color! I thought it was funny... Read more »

De-Puffing Eye Massage by Clinique. Loves it!

Hey Clinique… high five on the eye roller! All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage is outstanding! I already love All About Eyes by Clinique but this is a lot easier to apply and really soothes and cools the under eye. This eye roller is great for the morning because of the de-puffing action. Makeup... Read more »

Tokidoki! If makeup were a game... Sephora just won.

  Ok Sephora…. we need to have a one on one talk. First you gave me Kat Von D makeup (Her perfumes are still my fave, Sinner and Saint or a mixture or both), then you served me up the ever delish Tarina Tarantino (if cupcakes were makeup they would be Tarina FYI check out this blog for... Read more »

The new Clarisonic Opal works! No serioulsy for real it does!

Ok, for all of you gadget geeks this ones for you. As we all know, I am def not doctor I am just a simple beauty hoarder when it comes to products and tips. I am also licensed in cosmetology in a few states and one of the things that we covered in school was an in depth... Read more »

Spring Brides listen up!

Brides, I am going to give you the real talk on makeup for your Spring and Summer wedding! Here are all of my bridal tips.       1. Don’t freak out on anyone including your makeup artist or the hairstylist. Trust the person that is giving you the service. After all that is why... Read more »

Is Jade the new Black?

    The truth is that everyone is flipping for green nails this Spring! I noticed the trend when 3 of my clients in the same day were wearing the same green nail polish from OPI called Jade is the New Black from the Hong Kong collection. Yum who would have thought that green on... Read more »

Tarina Tarantino can I please be your best friend?

Excuse me world!!! What happens when the best jewelry designer in the world makes make up? Tarina Tarantino is hands down flat out my favorite jewelry designer of all time (and by all time, I actually mean over the last few years.) I don’t often write celebs emails but I did write Tarina Tarantino a... Read more »