Um dude, you need a Valentines gift like right now. Shopping guide!

Alright sugar, got Valentines gifts? Well none to fear if you don't, I got you covered! The first thing that I ask someone when they need help buying a gift is how much do you want to spend? My next question is who are you buying for? What are is the person like, and what do they like? Here are some ideas if you have no clue and or no ideas. You owe me one dude!

1. "True Love" by Tarte that you can find at Sephora and JC Penney for $10.00 (This is a lip and Cheek stain and looks soooo cute on everyone!)
2. "Sweethearts Love Me" Humungous Mini Splash can be found at for $6.00 (Um yum! Mom this is what I want BTW)
3. "With Love" by Hilary Duff can be found at CVS, Target, Walgreen, Walmart etc and will not break the bank. This is a deep scent and great for winter.
3. Philosophy "Falling in Love Oil" for $25.00 at Nordstrom is amazing for a soft feminine woman that loves beautiful things.
4. Harajuku Lovers "Love" can be found at Sephora and is adorable,cute, and fun. Get it for a light hearted lady.
5. "Love Rocks" from Victoria Secret is for the rockin babe that wants something fun and kitchy.
6. "Lovley" perfume from Sarah Jessica Parker can be found at Macy's
So this is my tip, if you are not sure what to get your "whatever" for V-day be a little spy. Check and see what kind of perfume and makeup she or he has. If you tell the person at the department store what she or he has they can tell you what notes they are drawn to and pick something based off of that. Look around and see what products they use in the bathroom. I know this sounds creepy but whateves! They wont think its creepy when you hand them a rad gift! If you will not be around where they live say something like "You smell great what is that?" or "Dang your skin is amazing what do you use!" You have to be sneaky to score a good gift but it pays off. Do not be pushed around by people that want to make money off of clueless people shopping for this holiday. Get what the person you are shopping for needs and what your instincts tell you. You can also check out my blog
"Valentine gift ideas with Hard Candy and a FAB Beauty contest!" That blog will give you great ideas about things to throw into a gift bag and you can enter a contest where you win free stuff.
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