The art of Drag. Am I a gay man?

I really hope that I can spit this blog out without offending anyone. Hey, and if I do I am sorry that was not my intention. My mom always said it best, "Even Mother Teresa had haters."
As you may or may not know another season of RuPaul's Drag Race is under way on the Logo Channel. This show, like every other show that you watch is a bunch of people competing for a grip of money, a possible a sponsorship of whatever and maybe a lifetime supply of fill in the blank. The reason why I am blogging about RuPaul's Drag Race right now and not those shows is really because of one reason... It's a drag show dah!
Makeup, wigs, costumes and drama! Um yea, that would be to obvious for me right? Well don't worry I am going to dig a little deeper than that. I am one of the many people that see drag as an art. Lemme say that again, drag is an art. Do you have any idea how hard it is to contour the face? Wear a wig under stage lights? Dance in heels and be hot? It is next to impossible, seriously. That is, all on top of the cost of the whole thing! One of those dresses alone can set you back a few G's.
Ok, you still don't get it? I am going to put it very simply for you. Drag is a celebration of females and entertainment!


When that hit me it hit me like a ton of bricks. Why do girls put each other down? Why do we think that we are to fat or not good enough? Why do we feel this constant urge to change ourselves? Why do we not want to step out of the box and celebrate? There is a whole slew of people out there celebrating womanhood and we can't even celebrate our own! Shame on us. Drag is an art but, so is being a woman or a well put together man. When did we forget that?
I started asking questions of my family and friends awhile back now because on a frequent basis someone says something to me along the lines of, "You are a gay man stuck in a woman's body." Well no offence to gay men but, I am a woman stuck in a woman's body. Is it my love for makeup, hair and pretty things that makes me seem like a gay man? When did it become so wrong to want to look fierce? When did it become wrong to want to dance and listen to Lady Gaga? When did it become wrong to want to dress up? I mean, you all do it on Halloween right? Or you buy your 3 year old a "Princess Costume" to play in, but at what age does she have to take it off?
My mother taught my sister and I to be proud to be who we are. She took our hand and gave us the path as she knew it, then we made our own. All 3 of us love makeup and hair and I personally love it all so much that I made it my job to teach and show people what I know. That is me taking the time out of my day to love on myself and to love on others. I celebrate the beauty of people. I am so proud to wear glitter. I am proud that I am touching up my roots tonight, and I am proud to show a man how to use product for the first time . Does that make me a gay man? No! That makes me Eliza!
My suggestion to you is to go put yourself in drag. I am not saying throw a wig on or some lashes, I am saying put on that confidence to love on yourself and to celebrate other people. You can be a natural or sporty girl and still be in drag trust me. Celebrate yourself and the art of being a human. Then you will understand the art of drag. "We are all born naked and the rest is drag." a quote from RuPaul
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  • Once again, I love love LOVE this statement! Be yourself! Such an important statement. And I've wondered the same thing (after being told I'm a gay man in a woman's body many times as well) that don't you mean I'm a woman in a woman's body? I mean they are celebrating women and why can't we as women do the same!? We can and we should! Be fierce ladies! Brava! *claps*

  • I love the statement you made in this entry! I think it is very true how we as women need to love and appreciate ourselves and others, instead of putting each other down. I have always believe that, but it can be hard in the today's world to find other females who feel the same. I'm glad you decided to discuss this issue!

  • Thank you so much for the support guys. This was a hard blog to write because this issue is so close to my heart. xo

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