Red, dry, itchy skin? Ouch! Let me help please.

So no one really talks about this subject unless they are a doctor or something, not to sure as to why. Therefor I am taking it upon myself to "take it there" whatever that means anymore. What am I talking about? Rosacea and redness of the skin. Ouch!
If you have rosacea you probably know it. You might have even talked to your doctor about it. Redness and sensitivity are just part of the problem as a whole. I am not a doctor so I am not going to talk like I am and embarrass myself in the process. if you think you might have rosacea and want to know more I would def suggest talking to your doctor about your symptoms. What I do know is that there are some amazing products out there for redness and skin with sensetivity! Let the VIP list for redness hit the streets!
Here are my top players in the game of redness. I mean lets face it, you can get redness from the cold weather, acne, medicines or just about anything that makes the skin flip. Most people have some redness on the face around the nose and other fun places that make you look sick like you have a cold. ew. How can you help get rid of the red? Yellow! Yes, I said yellow makeup. Trust me it works.
Try the following:
You're Bluffing from Benefit Cosmetics (I love this product because it blends very easily. Use this on uber dry areas.)
Bluff Dust from Benefit Cosmetics (Use this only if the skin is not to dry. This will help to even you out in a flash!)
Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder by Clinique (I mean wow. Clinique outdid themselves. I want to swim in a tub of this stuff it is so good to the skin!)



Side note: Clinique has a handful of skincare products that work well with sensitive skin. They really work! Whenever I have a serious skin issue and can not make it to the derm I go to Clinique, straight up. Clinique knows skin.
You can also check out Obagi Medical products (Rosaclear System from Obagi Medical Products) for all of your rosacea and sensitive skin care needs. They had you in mind when they were making these products so they covered every area that you might need. I personally think that skin care that is designed for sensitive skin works better for me personally as a whole. I do not like stripping my face down to nothing. I like to keep as much of my natural moisture as possible while still keeping it clean. Give these products a shot even if you just have a touch of redness from the cold weather or if you have a cold and a runny nose that you can't stop blowing. Ew, sorry if that is the case!
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  • Another great blog! Great suggestions. I'm all over the Clinique...

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