Project Runway delivers a hair crush and I deliver savings info for hair care.

Here it is guys, my mass text to the world that promises to keep you pretty for less. Does anyone remember my post a while back about Moroccan Oil called, "A new obsession.... get up and go get this right freakin now!" (read that here Well I am not perfect and I kind of forgot to tell you where to get Moroccan Oil here in Chicago. Ooops! Don't worry it works to your benefit because I have found Moroccan Oil and other products for a very good price at Barry Drugs! Barry Drugs is a small drug store that sits right next to the mega store Walgreens at 1370 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, Il. 60622. I first noticed Barry Drugs on my way home from the salon and I peeked in. They have my Moroccan Oil and many of other high priced goodies for.... LESS! I checked the products and they are indeed real and not grey market trash so buy up! You wont save a ton but expect to pay 4-6 dollars less and over time that is a lot of money. My top pics are the whole Moroccan Oil line and the "It's a 10" hair line. "It's a 10" is mega moisture and is good for those bleach sisters or for anyone feeling the effects of the heat sucking the moisture out of your hair. You could get anything from either line and want to find me and kiss me, just sayin. They also had some men's gift backs, they looked legit so pick one up for your stud for V day.




Ok, it's about time for a full blown hair crush because we are getting dangerously close to Valentines day. Maya Luz is my new "remember when Angelina was hot like in Hackers" kind of hair crush. She is a contestant on the new Project Runway on Lifetime and her style is for a lack of better terms, Fierce! The hair is hot like fire and she has the face to match. Chic and sleek Maya is working it out! The best of luck to you Maya and thank you for giving us hair.



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