Product Review. The difference between plain hair, and hair styled with a couple products is nothing short of monumental.

If you ever needed proof that you do not want to be my friend here it is! I put my friend and fellow blondie Samantha to work. Here she is in her first ever product review!  


    Let me just start by saying that I am--without a doubt--a minimalist when it comes to my hair. I don't go out and buy all the cool new hair products, let alone get my roots touched up on time. Sometimes, if I feel like it, I'll put some straightening balm in my massively thick mess of blow-dried hair before clamping down on it with my flat iron. You'd think that by having a friend and hair stylist whose life revolves around looking as fabulous as possible, that her good hair habits would've rubbed off on me sooner. It wasn't until Eliza handed me a couple new hair products and told me to use them, that the rubbing off began--and that's not to mention my new love affair with one product in particular.
   The first product I reintroduced to my strands (since Eliza has used it on me before, but I wasn't completely aware of it) was Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum. Let it be known that I have quite the lion's mane when it comes to my blow-dried hair. You've never seen anything like it. With that being said, I apply about a dime-sized drop of the serum into my hand, rub my hands together, and apply to my damp hair, and then I use a little bit more after drying my hair to tame my lioness frizz. I can't even fully describe the shine that came off my hair without sounding like I'm bullshitting, so I won't. But trust me, it was glorious. Eliza even commented on it in the dimly lit cab we shared one night. Not to mention, it smells fantastic and it's lightweight consistency makes it so that your hair looks healthy and shiny, not greasy. Winner!

Superskinny serum 150ml.jpg

      Have you ever felt that your hair is too "fluffy" after you blow dry or flat iron it? I always thought my best hair day was a day or two after I washed and styled it. I haven't really faced that issue since I started using TIGI's Groupie pomade spray (part of the newly launched Rockaholic line). I knew right when Eliza handed me this one, that it was going to be the cure to my fluffy and sometimes static styling aftermath. It was. She goes, "I'm not even going to tell you how to use it. I want you to tell me how you used it." And voila! Here I am. Much like an unfamiliar perfume, you never spray that stuff directly onto you unless you're simply mental. Use the space and air around you to be your tester instead. Because I wasn't exactly sure how this stuff was going to come out, I sprayed it in my sink first, and then when I decided it was safe, I sprayed it in my hands. I rubbed them together, and just used my fingers to comb it through. Then I frantically messed my hair up till it looked kind of like I had just woken up --a very effective teasing-without-a-comb method, might I add. I then lightly ran my fingers through my hair again to tame it a bit and I called it a day. It hid all evidence of fluff and static and added an invigoratingly fruity scent to my hair as well--always an added bonus since a product must be really exceptional if its scent is sub-par. 


    Even though I was once a "product minimalist", I am very particular about the way that I style my hair. I never really realized how much these two elements worked together until now. Because I bleach my hair, it's really important to give as much moisture as I can back to it or else it easily becomes dry and brittle. With the combined efforts of these products plus my deep conditioner, my hair looks and feels ten times better than it ever has before. The difference between plain hair, and hair styled with a couple products is nothing short of monumental.

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  • swear my roots didn't look that golden in person.

  • I'm pretty sure that it's official-I NEED to try the new TIGI line, since I too am a (huge) minimalist with my hair.

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