Nordstrom. Nars. Spring. Those are some of my favorite words of all time!

So I am not sure yet if this is a whack thing to do but, I received this email about the Nordstrom Trend show and I kind of wanted you to have the email as well. I am sure that Nars and Nordstrom wont mind right? (Wink!)

Should you go? YES! What should you get from Nars? Just about anything. I am obsessed with their primer and any color item from the line like eye shadows and blush. They also have great body bronzer (oh don't act like at this point you don't need it because you do) and nail polish as well. As far as the gift goes... I will take 3! Pleaseandthankyou.

Hello my Fashion Forwards Friends,

Spring Fever? Come wisk away your winter blues at the Nordstrom Spring 2010 Trend Show.
As you all know Nordstrom is the fashion authority for the most up-to-date beauty products of the season.  Each Spring and Fall we showcase the hottest runway trends, and make them a reality.

NARS Cosmetics and our team of expert artists will be featuring our new Spring Collection that features soft sexy shades for a confident, cosmopolitan and polished look. The hues are playful yet sophisticated, and can be worn soft and subtle or bold and daring depending on application, technique or attitude. Ah, Spring!



And if that wasn't enough, hot off the presses-your "must have item" for spring is our new Orgasm Illuminator. This Amazing sheer weightless fluid melts into your skin. Your skin instantly looks refreshed, radiant and glowing. NARS will be featuring an exclusive set containing a full size Orgasm Illuminator, Greek Holiday Lip gloss, our new Volumizing Mascara along with a NARS logo makeup bag for $69.00. This is a limited edition set, created only for Nordstrom so quantities are limited.


Please note: For March 6th, we will also be offering a mini South Beach Multiple with an $85 dollar NARS purchase while supplies last
Space is limited! Call today to reserve your appointment. If you cannot make it, we will be happy to place an order for you so you can take advantage of the exclusive "Some Like it Hot" set, as well as the gift with purchase.

Adrienne Wheeler -
Nordstrom Michigan Avenue
55 East Grand
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 464-1515 x1421


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