Is your eyeliner traveling south for the winter?

Ok guys, as you may know I ran a contest right here on Pretty Cheap blog to win some gifts from FAB Beauty and a featured post of the winners own tips right here on Pretty Cheap. The only problem is that there were so many good tips entered by readers that I hand picked a few to type up a blog and send them to me. I love this tip and it gets two thumbs up from me. I love talking to people about tips because I never stop learning. Keep your eyes open and keep on reading for more tips and trick right here hot stuff!


After years of using pencil eyeliners that smudge and wear off and have to be re-applied
every two hours, I decided to try something new.  So I discovered Indian Kohl.  This was pretty close to using liquid eyeliner.  It was great on one hand because you can create the smoky eye look really well with it, but on the other hand, it wore off nearly worse than pencil eyeliners did because it was almost always continuously wet.  I got tired of looking like a raccoon and started to experiment with liquid eyeliners.  I prefer liquid eyeliners because they are so versatile. You can just go straight up liner or spike it out and up and get that Cleopatra look and if you get really creative you can actually paint little swirls and designs at the corners of your eyes for that more "out there" exotic look.  Whatever your shtick is, it is still hard to get liquid eyeliner to last longer than a few hours before your flourishes, spikes and lines start to smudge, fade or somehow droop down into your eyes.  I took a hint from mimes.
Yes, mimes. But since most of you probably hate mimes, let's go with stage make up. Pancake white is great when you want to be...well, pancake white. And one of the ways they keep it on there looking smooth is by adding a setting powder which is usually also white over the actually make up.  I decided to try this with my liquid eyeliner. I draw on my eyeliner however I want it to look, give it a second or two to dry a bit then dab on, preferably
with a brush but you can use a powder puff too (although then you might just powder your whole eye), a bit of  translucent powder or even a very pale facial powder.  Eventually the oils in the eyeliner will soak it up but it will stay in place longer than ever! I love this trick!  You can also use a powder eyeshadow to cover it too, if you want to add some slight colour to it or, one of my favourite things in the whole wide friggin' world...glitter.  This is so great if you are going out into a place where you'll be stuck in a crowd, kind of sweaty (ewww)'ll see everyone else's eyeliner running or them running to the bathroom to fix it and yours will still look fabu. 


My two current favourite liquid eyeliners
include L'Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigments eyeliner which comes in a little pot with a brush or
(and this one took me totally by surprise but is surprisingly good) Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner.
But really, whatever your favourite liquid eyeliners are, this trick is sure to help you keep from
looking like a sappy flapper in a silent film.



Fangs again!

love, r


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