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On Saturday night I asked a friend of mine what he was up to. He told me of his plans and told me that I should check out the show for a woman that goes by Ebony Bones. He figured that I would be into it which is a good sign because at this point I am a hard nut to crack when it comes to music and shows. I knew that it must be outlandish, Perfect!
The show was at the Green Dolphin and Ebony Bones was not slated to take the stage until 2:30am. Um really? I cut hair all day and now I have to stand around and pretend to dance until 2:30am? Oh, well at this point I feel so couped up and stir crazy from being trapped inside because the cold that I was just happy to be seeing humans. Oh how glad I was that I stayed.
When the band took the stage I knew something unreal was about to take place. I am not really sure after that point if I blinked or took a breath for the next hour. Yup, it was just that good. From the music to the costumes every part of that show was flawless. At the risk of sounding like a total dork I think a tear even took a stroll down my face during the show. At first it was hard not to notice the elaborate fashion, hair and makeup and then once that sinks in you start to hear the music. I am assuming that the feeling was similar to when people first saw Lady Gaga a few years back. Ebony bones music was new, exciting, fresh and something that my ears had been longing for. I was trying to find the words to describe the show to a client yesterday and I just was at a loss of words. Believe it or not, I can not even describe the look either. All I know is that underneath all of the makeup and hair there are model good looks for Ebony Bones and the band. This is the kind of show that people like myself need to see. It pushes the bounds of what my own mind thinks is possible and makes me have to explore trends and ideas so that we can bring them back to you. Ebony Bones gave me fashion, she gave me music, she gave me a blood sweat and tears kind of performance. I guess that I wanted to write about this because I want to give it to you. I hope that you check out Ebony Bones or maybe you will check out a blue eyeliner, something new. Check out something that inspires you and motivates you today. It's people like Ebony Bones, Lady Gaga and Rihanna that push the kind of hair, make up and fashion to a new extreme and bring it back to the rest of pop culture. If I had to make a prediction, this kind of new level look is not going anywhere. I texted my friend after the show and I said "Going to see Ebony Bones is the best decision that I have made in 10 years." I was not lying.
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