I am not kidding. Cut it out and cut your hair.

Um ok how do I put this delicately.... Please CUT YOU EFFING HAIR IT IS GROSS! Seriously, I am sick of cutting a nasty, static driven hot mess of a mop on every girl that sits in the chair. The truth is that every one had a bob or blunt bangs and is "trying to grow it out." If I hear that you are trying to grow your hair out one more time I will puke. The truth is that every one wants this flowing glossy long as hell Hollywood hair so your thought process is to not cut it for 2 years! Well I have news for you, it looks gross and is not cute. It is a stringy thin hot mess. When the stars get their hair looking like that it is a combo of them babying their hair for years, working with the top stylists and extensions. When you are not cutting your hair it cuts itself for you, this is how it works.

1. The ends split from any number of things. Heat, hair color, lack of vitamins or lack of protein.
2. The end either breaks up and breaks off or it continues to split and move up further and keep splitting and breaking. Ew no thanks!
How can you tell if your hair is a hot mess? Run your fingers when it is dry with no product in it from roots to ends. If you feel your fingers catch at any point it needs to be cut just before that point. You can also tell if your hair gets tangled easily or is hard to brush. If your ends are all over the place and broken then go get it cut. I did not say get a trim, get a hair cut. Your stylist can not tell you that you do not look good with long hair but, I can. Trust me guys I get it. People find it sexy and hot to have long hair blah blah blah and I do as well. If you really want to have long beautiful hair it will have to be a lifestyle. Get trims, deep condition, take care of your body and be patient. Period. If it is thin get some extensions so that it bulks it up a little. Deep condition like you are getting paid to do so and then maybe we can talk. Seriously.



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  • You tell it like it is!

  • It was just the mood that I was in today. I get sick of trashed hair. hahaha

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    "Please CUT YOU EFFING HAIR IT IS GROSS! Seriously, I am sick of cutting a nasty, static driven hot mess of a mop on every girl that sits in the chair."
    If you think split ends are gross, don't become a hairdesser. Yes, it is THAT easy ;)

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