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Sheila entered the Valentines contest on Pretty Cheap and well, won! Her ideas seem simple but we can't say it enough.Her skin is glowing and beautiful so she knows what she is talking about. This is her blog entry from her, to me, to you! Yay for hot skin! Thank you Sheila!


Skin 101 by Sheila

Skin.....we all have it, but do we know how to care for it?  Especially on our faces that we show to the world?  If you love makeup, and wear it often, you must also give your skin the TLC it needs, so that your makeup looks the best it can.    Do you think you have the same skin you had back in high school?  Chances are you do not.  Our skin changes from year to year, month to month, year to year.  At one time maybe we were oily, but maybe now not so much.  But we are still using the same skincare and makeup.  Just as we change our clothing styles, we need to change our skincare and makeup.  Take a good feel of your skin - if your finger slips right off your face, then you are most likely oily.  If your finger glides smoothly across your skin, you are probably normal.  If when you take your finger across your cheek and it drags or you feel a texture like sandpaper, you are most definitely dry. 

Someone who is dry should not be using everything that is oil free.  It will only make you look dry and cakey.  Everything that has oil, or a derivative of it is not necessarily bad for your skin.  Your skin needs certain levels of oil to keep it balanced.  If you are dry, you should be using a moisturizer that keeps you hydrated all day, such as Bobbi Brown's Extra Moisture Balm.  It smooths out the surface of the skin, and leaves a barrier of moisture on the surface.  As far as foundation, you want to use something that has some hydrating or moisturizing qualities to it, such as a water-based foundation.  Oil free foundations will make a dry skin look more aged, and no one wants that!



Normal skins need moisturizer and foundations that give the skin a boost of moisture that will keep it at its normal balance all day.   They don't need the intense moisture that dry skins do, just something lightweight and hydrating.   A water based foundation would be ideal.  It will keep the skin looking smooth and healthy.

An oily skin needs moisture and hydration as well, contrary to what a lot of you with oily skin believe!  While you don't want to add excess oil to this type of skin, you want moisturizers and foundation that gives the skin a matte finish, while balancing out the oil and dehydration.  Look for those items that will give skin a matte texture to keep it from looking to shiny.

All skin types need to be cleaned properly, but not over aggressively - that can only exacerbate existing skin problems.  The face should be washed 1 to 2 times a day,  and exfoliated 1 to 3 times a week based on skin type.  Choose an appropriate cleanser for your skin type, one that will not dry out or strip the skin.  Do not choose an exfoliator that is too rough, you don't want microscopic tears in your skin!  A fabulous tool for cleaning the skin is the Clarisonic facial brush.  It is suitable for all skin types, and it cleans deep down.  It brightens the skin tone, and helps moisture and treatment products absorb better.  It is not cheap, but if you can invest in it, I would highly recommend it!



Other tips for having great skin, and I'm sure you know them already:  Stay out of the sun and tanning beds, if you must tan, do a spray tan.  Do not smoke.  Drink plenty of water and eat healthy!

If you are good to your skin, it will be good to you, and your makeup will enhance your skin and features, not cover it up!

Sheila can be found at 900 N. Michigan in Bloomingdales at the Bobbi Brown Counter. Those girls on the floor know a lot about most of the products and brands of the floor so feel free to ask questions. They are happy to help.

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