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Contest winner gives you a little Skin 101.

Sheila entered the Valentines contest on Pretty Cheap and well, won! Her ideas seem simple but we can’t say it enough.Her skin is glowing and beautiful so she knows what she is talking about. This is her blog entry from her, to me, to you! Yay for hot skin! Thank you Sheila!   Skin 101 by Sheila... Read more »

Red, dry, itchy skin? Ouch! Let me help please.

So no one really talks about this subject unless they are a doctor or something, not to sure as to why. Therefor I am taking it upon myself to “take it there” whatever that means anymore. What am I talking about? Rosacea and redness of the skin. Ouch!   If you have rosacea you probably know it. You... Read more »

Nordstrom. Nars. Spring. Those are some of my favorite words of all time!

So I am not sure yet if this is a whack thing to do but, I received this email about the Nordstrom Trend show and I kind of wanted you to have the email as well. I am sure that Nars and Nordstrom wont mind right? (Wink!) Should you go? YES! What should you get from... Read more »

Is your eyeliner traveling south for the winter?

Ok guys, as you may know I ran a contest right here on Pretty Cheap blog to win some gifts from FAB Beauty and a featured post of the winners own tips right here on Pretty Cheap. The only problem is that there were so many good tips entered by readers that I hand picked a few to type... Read more »

The art of Drag. Am I a gay man?

I really hope that I can spit this blog out without offending anyone. Hey, and if I do I am sorry that was not my intention. My mom always said it best, “Even Mother Teresa had haters.”   As you may or may not know another season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is under way on... Read more »

I am not kidding. Cut it out and cut your hair.

Um ok how do I put this delicately…. Please CUT YOU EFFING HAIR IT IS GROSS! Seriously, I am sick of cutting a nasty, static driven hot mess of a mop on every girl that sits in the chair. The truth is that every one had a bob or blunt bangs and is “trying to grow... Read more »

Um dude, you need a Valentines gift like right now. Shopping guide!

Alright sugar, got Valentines gifts? Well none to fear if you don’t, I got you covered! The first thing that I ask someone when they need help buying a gift is how much do you want to spend? My next question is who are you buying for? What are is the person like, and what do they like?... Read more »

Project Runway delivers a hair crush and I deliver savings info for hair care.

Here it is guys, my mass text to the world that promises to keep you pretty for less. Does anyone remember my post a while back about Moroccan Oil called, “A new obsession…. get up and go get this right freakin now!” (read that here Well I am not perfect and I kind of... Read more »

If you like boring Hair, Make up and Music do not read this blog.

If you like to have fun. If you like to listen to outstanding music. If you like beautiful, eye catching makeup and fashion then this particular blog is for you! Well, you also get the added bonus of being one of the first to know about something so you can seem cool to your friends for a... Read more »

Product Review. The difference between plain hair, and hair styled with a couple products is nothing short of monumental.

If you ever needed proof that you do not want to be my friend here it is! I put my friend and fellow blondie Samantha to work. Here she is in her first ever product review!       Let me just start by saying that I am–without a doubt–a minimalist when it comes to... Read more »