The Rodeo Drive of Make up found right here in Chicago. Now all we need is the sun!

Even if you do not live in Chicago this blog is still for you because we might talk about some brands that you might not have heard of before. In other words keep reading friends no matter where in the world you are!
So, we have a been given a gift right here in Chicago that I like to call, the "Rodeo Drive of makeup." Everyone knows that Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California is known for the best of the best in fashion. I mean ok, lets be honest that kind of thinking is outdated but let me make a point here kay. Well, right here in Chicago we have the biggest and brightest names in cosmetics on Armitage Ave. in Lincoln Park. Take a walk me as I show you my fave drugs of choice on this street.
Lincoln Park
846 W Armitage Street
Um, all I know is that the name is hard to say. I became a believer in there body and hair care when my best friend got a gift set from L' Occitane over Christmas and tossed it my way. The natural smells are so enchanting that I feel guilty for breathing them in. Stop here and get those creamy rich hair conditioners that your hair is begging for this time of year. Drop some cash here, it is worth it. Buy one thing and keep on stepping because we have more ground to cover.

Benefit Boutique
852 W Armitage Ave
(between Dayton St & Fremont St)
Dude, you can get all of your waxing done here and get some affordable luxury products but lets get to the brass tax. At the Benefit Boutique on Amitage ave you want the airbrush tan. The pros there airbrush you by hand for a literally flawless look. Trust me this is skin color crack we are talking about here. They can also tint your eyebrows and  eyelashes for all of you lazy divas out there that wanna get up and go. The only catch is that you can not shower after you get tanned for something like 12 hrs. The stuff is kind of smelly so, go at night like Thurs or Wed night and go to bed. Wash your face before you go.
Now cross the street for...
859 W Armitage Ave
Think masks and soaps. This place is hard to explain so I will let the website do the talking for me My fave thing from them is the Flying Fox Shower Gel. Um it smells like a good looking person if that was an actual sent. I also back there more natural approach to hair care. Do not go over board with there products because they do have an expiration date. Yup, they are really that natural. Everyone that works at Lush has always been annoyingly cool so feel free to go in, hang and ask for a sample.
Colorlab Cosmetics
857 West Armitage Avenue
First off Colorlab lets you make your own cosmetics. Not in a whack fake way, like you are actually making your own cosmetics. Down to the scent, texture, shimmer, no shimmer, did you hear me? YOU GET TO MAKE YOUR OWN!!! Your color of choice and everything! This place is great if your fave product from another line was discontinued or if you really want to play around with an idea that you have that is not sold. You can also pick up Revitalash at this lactation! Colorlab is great for 2010 because we are becoming a more racially mixed world all of the time. As a result, there are new and unique skin tones and coloring for humans everyday. Makeup is not one size fits all so you can actually get the foundation and powder that is perfect for you here!
Now we are at the grand finally.... the crem de la crem, call Dr. Drew because I need to go to rehab! Dun Dun Dun.
910 W Armitage Ave
(between Bissell St & Fremont St)
MAC Pro is not you mothers MAC at Macy's. This place made me tear up when I first entered. The colors, the product and the artistry rolled together in one neat package. We are lucky to have one of the only MAC Pro stores in the U.S. You can get all of your fave MAC products here on top of being able to get some very avant-garde products as well. To sit with an artist will cost you but it is worth it if you are stuck in a makeup rut and want to get out.

If you guys have any questions or comments for me feel free to leave them here as a comment.  I want to hear where your fave places to shop are. You can subscribe to my blog and get email updates by entering your email addy to the right of this post underneath the ad.


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