Nicole Richie, Love Rocks and mascara! God gave us Dior.

Ok, I am going to be honest with you I have been having trouble knowing what to blog about next because I feel like I have to much to tell you!

First off my hair crush of the week goes to Nicole Richie! This girl is working out a new dark do with a fierce fringe. It just looks great on her. Once again, ask your stylist what would look best on you and then take the suggestion. If you do not trust what your stylist thinks... time to get a new stylist!



Second, time to start thinking about Valentine's Day. Even if you are single you can buy something for yourself. I mean there is nothing wrong with loving yourself right? If you are taken don't you worry I am going to do a gift guide for your significant other to peep before they blow money on some department stores persons chance to get commission. Love Rocks from Victoria's Secret is cute cute cute. If you are a perfume hoarder like me, I suggest to try the small spray first or even the little oil rollers that you can find now of your fave scents before you commit to a more expensive bottle. There is nothing worse than a huge bottle of very expensive perfume sitting around half full waiting for a rainy day. I love to have a few bottles or oils going at once! I love to pick and choose what sent I want to wear that day. I save the Chanel for more important days and then on my days off ( ha ha what are those right?) I use a spray or an oil. Mixing it up keeps it very fun and you never get sick of the sent.

Third! I was at Rockit Wrigleyville with the girls from Chicago Hearts Trivia and we were talking about mascara. Yes, we know it is very hard to find those perfecto lashes ... don't worry Sephora is here to save the day! LashStash Mascara Deluxe Sampler! You get to try the best of the best and then choose from there. Any left over minis you can take on trips with you or you can throw them into your purse form mid day touch ups.

I am going to throw this out there though, what you really need is the new Dior mascara. Diorshow Extase is so amazing that people ask me on a daily basis if I am wearing false lashes! This breakthrough is actually helping my lashes while I am wearing it and helping to repair and strengthen them! Um hello! Buy this stuff. Expect to pay more but who cares if you save money on fake lashes and growth serum.

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  • Aaah finally a mascara! I'm going to go look for that this week if I can at our Sephora. Brilliant!

    I did sit and ponder doing DIY bandage pants last night but then wondered how badly I'd mess them up. I think I need to buy them...but if you come across anything more about them (like the site I tweeted you) can you share?! Then I'll need a good pair of heels...such high maintenance, us glitter bitches are.


  • In reply to ladymothrarose:

    Okay so i couldn't wait to get to the store itself, so i ordered the mascara. i can't wait bc i'm in desperate need of some new lash looks, esp w/ my new hair. i think i'm becoming obsessive over this sort of thing. is that bad?

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