My American Idol Life.


I feel like I have been waiting to write this blog for a long time. I am not gonna lie I have not ever really seen a full season of American Idol or really seen more but 2 episodes at most. The truth is that there are other shows on durning the winter months that I would rather watch on a week night along with working a few jobs (by choice) it is hard to catch a lot of T.V. That being said my best friend dared me this year to try out because I had started a jokeish music project and she thought that it would be funny. I accepted the dare, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

When I showed up to auditions right down the street from my place in Chicago during the summer I just kind of figured that it would be a one day people watching joke fest and I would always be able to say that I went. This type of thinking always backfires on me lets be honest.






I can not get into detatils because I am not really allowed to. It is hard because I actually WANT to defend the shows integrity as well as my own. People like to think that I name drop to get into places but the truth is that the only name that I ever need to "drop" is my own. The show treats everyone the same and I was not pre choosen to audition period. The first time that I ever met anyone from American Idol was at the open call audition in Chicago this past summer.

All you need is a dash of confidence and some lashes. I know that it might be hard to believe but being myself "Eliza Siep" is enough for me and for other people. That is the main thing that the show taught me, being myself and exploring all of my talents is a good thing.



Eliza interview.jpg

I would love to thank my family and friends and everyone for there support during this time. I would like to also thank American Idol staff and the judges. You all made some of my dreams come true. You helped me realize my limitations as a performer and helped me to break some of those limitations down. You told me what to do and that kind of career guidence is pricless. It is kind of easy to sit back on your couch and judge what the idol contestens, staff and judges are going through. I can say from the other side that it is the kind of pressure that most people would not be able to bear.

I am so happy and graitful for my experiance with American Idol. No matter what now when I run into a situation where I am nervous or when I feel like I am not enough, I think to myself " You sang infront of Simon Cowell.... If you can do that you can do this." I am also happy that the show pushed me to finally seek out some much needed vocal lessons and helped me make some new friends. I respect vocalists so much more now than even before because of those lessons!

I guess long and short, be fearless and follow your dreams. It does not matter what other people think it matters what you think. If you want to sing, SING! If you want to follow your dreams, follow them. I wish that people would spend more time reaching there dreams and less time bashing the people that do. Here is a novel thought, spend the time that you would spend bashing people on the internet spreading good word, support, time and money to Haiti.


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  • Beautifully said! This is the whole focus of my Famous Living Dead Brigade. ( Be yourself! Get out there and live life! Fuck what other think! YOU ARE ART! And you, my dear, are an inspiration for having the balls to do what so many wouldn't...and to stand up and say, YES I DID IT! Good for you! The only name you need to drop IS your own. Works for me you name drop all you want lady, you deserve it!


  • In reply to ladymothrarose:

    Thank you so much my dear. It is nice to hear that at least one person backs what I say. It was an honor for people to even think that I was a plant ahhahaha. Mwah!

  • In reply to esiep:

    Right back atcha! I always say the people who shine of their own sparkle are Glitter Bitches bc we shine, we sparkle and we say and do what we mean. And I'm proud to think of you as a fellow Glitter Bitch! Rock the fuck on! <333

  • In reply to esiep:

    Awesome seeing you last night. Great post! I'm so excited to see what's next for you!

  • In reply to ladymothrarose:

    As always your attitude is awesome! Cheers for taking the plunge so to speak. :)

  • In reply to ladymothrarose:

    Wish they had shown your audition. So did you make it to Hollywood week?

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