Me on WGN Radio talking about Pretty Cheap! Peep it here.


If you missed me yesterday morning on WGN talking about my blog Pretty Cheap (um I don't blame you. I don't know why but 10am feels like 5am on a Saturday.) You can peep the whole show here commercial free right now!


Click here,0,1643313.mp3file

We talked about celeb hair, eyebrows and I explained to Bill the fine art of a hair crush. At the end we talked about Rockaholic products and how to use a dry shampoo. Dang I just realized that we did talk about my hair crush of the week Kate from Bad Girls Club but we didn't talk about Jersey Shore! Shoot now I have to go back.

I would like to thank everyone at WGN radio and Chicago Now for being so fab. I have an amazing time every time I am there. I mean lets face it, I just like giving Bill a hard time. What can I say? Ha!


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