Look hot before, during and after the gym. This is what you need to pack.

I was reading a post on the blog Chicago Fit Club right here on www.chicagonow.com and I got inspired! Lets get your gym bag kickin' with the right cosmetics and products to save space and money.


1. Face wipes are key to whisk away grim and time on that treadmill. On the same tip you can also get some gentle baby wipes to use on parts of your body that will remain nameless.
2. Pack face lotion with a sunscreen and any other makeup that you might wear but, do it the Pretty Cheap way! Take all of the products that only have a few uses left and pack them in a freezer sized Ziploc bag. All of these products are about to get thrown away. If you use them you are saving money! If you have two of something use the other one for you gym bag.
Why the Ziploc bag? If you have ever had makeup or lotion spill in a bag during travel, gym bag or purse... you are picking up what I am throwing down. Now times that by a billion if it is glitter. Ha!
3. Ditch the minis at Walgreens in the travel section. They cost too much and are not usually quality products. Instead get the travel empty bottles that come with about 3 bottles and a toothbrush case that can be found in the same section.
WARNING! Let your tooth brush breath in that case because there is nothing worse than a moldy toothbrush. My tip is to use the whack toothbrush that you get from the dentist every few months and save the hot fancy one for home.
4. Use all of your Christmas and birthday mini lotions and throw them in the bag. Even if you are not in love with the smell they are better used than sitting in a basket on your dresser for 5 years until you move and get the balls to throw them away.
5. The is the best trick I have in my makeup bag arsenal.... gift time! At the cosmetics counters in department stores a lot of the lines do gift time. For a minimum purchase you can grab a bunch of minis and usually a swank bag! Save the bag and use the minis. Throw all of that stuff in your gym bag. Who knows maybe you will find something new that you love. Make sure that you read the instructions and see what the product is used for. In other words, do not use a night serum as a day face cream. Sephora has a great rewards plan where you can win minis and they have a slew of minis to grab at the register.


6. You know to bring deodorant right? Ok, I just kind of had to say that. Pack a perfume mini. Use a sample that you collected at the department store, use a mini that you wanted to try at Sephora or stash one of the new roll on perfumes that you can purchase of the fave of your choice. My fave right now is Sinner and or Saint by Kat Von D from Sephora. Keep these in the Ziploc bag as well because they can also break and spay without warning.
7. Want hair Fabreze? Spoil Me from TIGI is just like hair Fabreze! I do not really care if that was what the company was trying to do, but that is what they made. I first figured out this wonder product when I was touring and doing rock guys and gals hair on the road. Trust me on this one, this is a light mist and it will change your life. The only prob is that the can is freakin huge so keep in in your locker or a big gym bag.


Ok this guide should get you going. Now I am going to tell you my fave fitness/beauty spot in the Chi. Flirty Girl Fitness! There are only two in the world as of right now and one is right here in Chicago. The whole concept is to die for and you can check out their site here http://chicago.flirtygirlfitness.com/chicago_html/. You can even end your workout at the spa that they have at Flirty Girl Fitness. In other words, working out just got fun and hot! Finally huh.









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  • I love spoil me. It's one of my favorite products. XX

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